Birth Doula Care

Birth Doula Services.png

New client investment: $2,000 (sliding scale and payment plans available)

Amelia’s birth doula package includes the following:



  • An in-person consultation to get to know each other and see if we’re a good fit. We always encourage perspective clients to work with the doula they feel most comfortable with.


  • Informational and emotional support from the time of hire via phone, email and text. You can reach out for guidance and resources or to process whatever is coming up for you and your family.


Prenatal Meetings

  • 1-2 prenatal visits in your home to prepare for childbirth and the first stages of parenthood. In these sessions we go over your birth preferences and any information you need about infant feeding and care and postpartum self-care. These visits usually last about two hours each.

On-Call Time

  • Amelia will be officially on-call for you 24/7 from your 37th week of pregnancy until your birth. You can always call in the middle of the night if you’re in labor. If you go into labor before 37 weeks, please still call and Amelia will make every effort to attend your birth, or send backup if necessary.


Labor Support

  • Amelia will join you when you’re in labor and ready for in-person support and stay with you until your baby is born, then stay 1-2 hours after, or until you’re settled and comfortable. During this time Amelia offers support while you feed your infant for the first time.

Postpartum Visit

  • 1 postpartum visit in your home or at the place of birth within two weeks of your birth. The sooner the better so you can have all of your questions answered and process the birth if you would like to. For additional postpartum doula services, see the Postpartum Doula Care tab...