Lactation Support

Lactation Support


Amelia Brady-Cole, Certified Breastfeeding Counselor

92% of gestational parents experience lactation-related challenges in the early days after having a baby. Whether it be an ineffective latch, mastitis, low supply, engorgement, nipple damage, or pain, you deserve the necessary support to resolve these issues. Working with a Breastfeeding Counselor in the first few days and weeks can help set you up for a successful feeding relationship. Much of the work of a Breastfeeding Counselor is listening to our clients and assessing their unique challenges in order to truly support them in achieving their goals.

Home Visit Rates & Packages

(sliding scale and payment plans available)

  • $150 per session (1-2 hours each)

  • Package A:

    • $275 for two sessions

  • Package B:

    • $ 400 for three sessions

  • Package C:

    • $ 500 for four sessions