“We met Amelia after my partner and I were referred to NYC Doula Collective by our midwife. We immediately were taken by her calm demeanor and extensive knowledge and passion for birthing and postpartum care. During our pre-labor visits she guided us through the birthing and doula process, yet the discussions were very client-directed as we often had many questions for her. Amelia always provided us with extensive resources and information which was very helpful. When in labor I was fighting the pain and not making significant progress. Upon entering our home Amelia read the situation and mood of the environment and helped me progress in my labor. She was assertive yet not pushy and provided the perfect support and assistance I needed to help me progress in my labor. Amelia supported my partner as well through constant encouragement. She was a calm presence when we felt overwhelmed and stressed. During the delivery she was by my side and beyond helpful and involved. She reminded me of things we had discussed, and I wanted during my delivery and was my advocate and voice when I couldn’t be. Amelia helped me with latching and breastfeeding after the birth as well. I am very thankful that she was a part of my birthing experience as she added positivity, support, and guidance at a time when it was needed the most. I cannot imagine what the birth of my first child would have been like without her in our lives.”

— Parent in Greenwich Village, Manhattan

“Amelia was fantastic. When we first met her, I knew I wanted her to be our doula. She was very open and non-judgmental and I loved how she asked us questions about the kind of experience we/I hoped to have. I appreciated the way Amelia framed her questions and the kind of language she used - eg asked me how I planned to feed the baby, rather than assuming anything and I think using the terms medicated / unmedicated for birth rather than ‘natural.’ I think language is so important and words have meaning so I was very sensitive to that and felt like she was on the same page generally in that regard as me.

I knew I wanted to avoid as much medical intervention as possible in our hospital birth and she helped me feel empowered to do so. We really appreciated how she helped us own the room at the hospital when we arrived, even doing what seem like little things, such as dimming the lights, made a huge impact on our experience. She coached me through really difficult parts of my delivery and helped make me feel like I could do it when I was starting to question the whole thing. Amelia reassured me throughout the entirety of my labor that things were progressing normally and that I was doing well (anytime I questioned either of those things). She gave me pep talks when I needed them and helped me tap into the place I needed to be, held space, and helped me feel strong. 

We've said that we can't imagine how everything would've gone without her! For [my husband], he said he also felt supported by Amelia during a crazy time and felt it was so important to have her there.  It was truly a great experience working with Amelia. Her passion, patience, empathy, and kindness always shone through and she was a guiding light.” 

— Parent in South Slope, Brooklyn

"I felt she was way more experienced than her tiering lets on. Super calm, smart, great at talking to nurses, and she helped me beat the odds and have a successful VBAC, so kind of my hero." 

— Parent in DUMBO, Brooklyn